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A test or examination is an assessment intended to measure a test-taker's knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, or classification in many other topics. A test may be administered orally, on paper, on a computer, or in a confined area that requires a test taker to physically perform a set of skills. Tests vary in style, rigor and requirements. For example, in a closed book test, a test taker is often required to rely upon memory to respond to specific items whereas in an open book test, a test taker may use one or more supplementary tools such as a reference book or calculator when responding to an item. A test may be administered formally or informally. Formal testing often results in a grade or a test score.

Darul Umoor evaluates the students' performance based on the following factors

  • Continuous Assessment
  • Mid-term examination
  • Final examination
  • Attendance

The total marks for each course at the end of term will be calculated by adding the marks of following components

Continuous Assessment
Darul Umoor has stringent policy of assessing/evaluating the students not only at the time of examinations but throughout the term (one year course). A student is provide numerous opportunities to perform and to improve his performance and grade throughout the term (one year course). Under this practice, a student is asked to prepare and submit assignments, projects, research papers, home works followed by tests and case studies.

Mid-term examination
The purpose of MTE is to prepare the students for End Term Examination in terms of structure/pattern of Question paper and time management during the written examination. It is generally conducted in the mid of the term (after half the session is over) and includes approximately 50% of the total syllabus of the course.

Final examination
These examinations are conducted by the Darul Umoor's senior faculty at the end of term. It includes the examination of all the courses which may be in the form of written examination, practical, viva-voce, presentation or any other prescribed mode of conducting evaluation.

Attendance is an important component of Darul Umoor's academic system as we belive that a student should attained the theory, lectures, seminars and practicals on a regular basis for smooth and effective learning & teaching process.

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