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The dream of Tipu Sultan to establish an Islamic University seems to have blossomed after 200 years in the form of Darul Umoor. During his rule Tipu Sultan had a great ambition of establishing an Islamic University, but unfortuntatelly could not fulfill his dream as he was most of the time engaged in war against the British. He was the only ruler who had the distinction of dying in the battle field for the liberty of the land.

Tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan designed, manufactured and fired the world’s first war-use rocket in the late 1790s. Tipu Sultan has keen interest on innovation, during the Tipu Sultan Shaheed Memorial Lecture in Bengaluru on November 30, 1991, Dr. Kalam also credited Tipu Sultan with being the innovator of the world’s first war rocket and envisaged interest in knowing how Tipu developed advanced rockets 200 years ago.

Former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, popularly known as ‘missile man’ for his exploits in missile technology, has written a separate chapter on rockets of Mysore in his book ‘Wings of Fire’, and describes how he saw the picture of the Mysore’s rocket war in NASA.According to space scientist and former ISRO chairman Prof. U.R. Rao, the first iron-cased and metal-cylinder rocket artillery was developed by Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali, in the 1780s. Tipu successfully used these rockets against the larger forces of the British East India Company during the Anglo-Mysore Wars in 1792 and 1799

Tipu Sultan is a fascinating figure of Indian History, he offered blood to write the history of free India, and that he had a vision and a mission. The vision was to make his people progressive, prosperous and enlightened and the mission was to liberate his land from the yoke of the colonials. Resistance to British expansion and modernisation of his State are two basic features of his administration. His regime begins in the midst of war against the English, and ends in the midst of war against them. Despite the hectic military involvement he did not ignore the main task of improving the life and conditions of his people.

Mr. Zia ulla Sheriff, Bangalore based builder & chairman of the Sheriff Foundation, has now taken upon himself to fulfil the martyred warrior’s vision of raising a university where the younger generation could be imparted skills from the emerging areas. Sheriff’s philanthropy has already put in place a number of socially beneficial institutions in the towns and cities of Southern Karnataka. Personalities are the wellsprings of inspiration. And all those who have heard or studied about Tipu Sultan find in him a lovable person, a gallant warrior, a statesman, a benevolent ruler and a pious servant of God. His personality remains a source of inspiration.

Apart from his love of land and love of liberty, he is known for various welfare measures he took for the well-being of his people. His encouragement of agriculture and industry, promotion of trade and commerce, novel system of administering justice, building up of a navy, opening of factories far and near, and linking of Mysore with outside world are regarded as progressive steps indicating his inexhaustible energy and fertility of mind. His reforming zeal touched almost every department of life including coinage and calendar, weights and measures, banking and finance, social ethos and cuItural affairs. His seventeen years of regime witnessed such innovative measures as to make his State a humming center of great industrial activity. Had he not been engrossed in exasperating wars, he might have ushered Mysore into a renaissance of some magnitude.

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