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A major part of Dar Ul Umoor curriculum involves outside interaction with different religions and their places of worship, understanding other religious teachings, sharing views, having healthy and interactive discussions forms a major part of the program. Intensive interaction can be helpful in teaching the pre-speech and advance fundamentals of communication and communication development

The students pay visits to religious shrines like Temples, Churches and Gurudwara's, exchange their views pertaining on the religious subjects. It is a two way interaction, the heads of the shirnes and students of the other religious Schools of thought are also invited to Dar Ul Umoor .

In this brief introduction, Intensive Interaction may sound complicated but in fact one does not have to be an expert in order to be effective. What is necessary is that we lay aside our own agenda, Fundamentally, Intensive Interaction is straightforward, start by looking and listening to what our conversation partners are doing, the physical feedback they are giving themselves and how they are doing it – and tuning in to how they feel, use our own body language to respond and build up non-verbal conversations and emotional engagement.

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TSASRC (Dar-Ul Umoor)
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Mandya, Karnataka, India.
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TSASRC (Dar-Ul Umoor )
No. 1, 'The Presidency', # 82, St. Mark's Road, Bangalore - 560 001. India.
Tel: 080-41248208, 080-41248209

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