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Soul talk in Srirangapatna

Amidst swaying coconut trees, on sprawling green lush land was set up Darul-Umoor, an institution with the objective of orienting the young graduate Ulema into contemporary subjects. Here young Madrasa graduates from all over India who have completed their religious studies are enrolled for a one-year course after written test and interview. Faculty from various fields like history, sciences, English, human resources, management and personality development, computers follow a syllabus to orient these students through their teaching methods.

This batch of students went through the “Discover Yourself” Workshop on March 10, 11 and 12th 2005.

Here the participants share their experience about the workshop which was for them a refreshing exposure, enabling them to look at their lives with a positive perspective!

MD HASNAIN AKHTHER: Alhamdulillah I liked the workshop. I thank Sadathullah Khan for presenting the deen in a new perspective and it is the need of the hour. His way of presenting is very good by not making the participants wrong in a humorous way, showing the weakness and making them present to the reality. The way of explanation is excellent. These kind of workshops are very beneficial to everyone and it has to be popularized so that the masses of our community benefit from it.

ABDUL RAB: I liked the workshop and I have benefited from it. From this workshop mental tensions could be over come. It was well presented with examples and actions. This workshop should be held more for Muslim women.

MAQBOOL AHMED: I liked the workshop very much because it has to do with actions (amal). From this workshop we developed how to listen to others, we could see our faults and also find the solutions for it by our self. We could see in our day-to-day life, small things create lot of misunderstandings and lead to problems. We have the habit of seeing others’ faults but in the workshop we realized to look within us. I found this workshop on the guidelines of Qur’an and Sunnah and I did not find any contradictions. In this workshop Sadathulla Khan has expressed the participants (People’s) feelings through his actions, which helped us to understand very easily and it has strongly been embedded in our minds and we will never forget.

MD. ISHAQ ALAM : I found the workshop very useful and it was well done. This workshop should be held in every Muslim society, for men and women and this work should continue.

MD KALEEMUDDIN: I liked the workshop very much. It is unique and the best way of doing Islah and dawah. It is an easy solution to all the problems in the families. In life how oneself can do Islah? The remedy for this is in the workshop. Since the workshop has lot of merits, it should be attended by common man as well as learned persons especially this will be very helpful for women. It has to be conducted in every city. I cannot express the merits of the workshop, only you will know when you attend it.

MOHD SHAKIR : I liked the workshop very much. Whatever I learnt in this workshop I shall put into practice. I used to get angry for petty things and stop speaking to people. I realized and I shall over come this. My only wish is that this kind of workshop be conducted everywhere so that people benefit from it. Now a days many suicide cases are being heard it could be eliminated or at least reduced.

MD ATIF MUALLIM : Alhamdulillah I like the way you have organized the workshop. It has altered my life. This workshop should be held for youth and students.

MD. ZUBAIR: Alhamdulillah I liked the workshop and I have started applying it in my life. We have the Qur’an, Sunnah and the life of the Prophet and the common people have high expectations from us. We could use the tools of the workshop to explain as well. I pray to Allah to lead everyone to the straight path.

SHAIK ALI NEPALI: Alhamdulillah the workshop was very useful. It showed me the reality, it purified our heart, showed me how to live in the present. Whatever doubt and worries I had all disappeared. I wish you come to Nepal and hold the workshop.

ABDUL RAHMAN: We can win peoples heart presenting the same thing but in a new way. This workshop was very useful. I learnt many things, how to lead a peaceful life and to live in the present, overcome the tensions of the past and to create a new future. The topics were good and the way of presenting, specially to enter into ones heart and alter them is a very great job.

[Held At: Darul Umoor (Tippu Sultan Advanced Study & Research Centre) Gumbaz E Shahi Road, Srirangapatna, Mandya Dist, Karnataka. Email:]

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