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The programme is aimed at training a well informed, scientifically oriented and profesional cadre to serve as Dawa workers.

  • To create leaders who can contribute to the development of community, society and the country.
  • To promote academic excellence and innovation.
  • To contribute in the field of education & socio-economic development of the region.
  • To promote right perspective of Islam and motivating the community to improve its intellectual, socio-economic conditions.
  • To be the centre of excellence in the field of advanced education and research.


  • To train a new generation of Islamic Scholars with an in-depth understanding of Islam and its Sciences as well as contemporary socio-economic conditions of the society.
  • To find solutions for the problems in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.
  • To produce personalities with character & vision for serving humanity by practicing holistic principles of Islam.
  • To familiarise the scholars with the new developments in science & technlology along with information technology and mass-media for communicating information and knowledge relating to Islam and how to apply them for serving humanity.
  • To promote communal harmony based on the principles of truth, peace and human welfare.
  • To promote a cadre of scholars with an objective understanding of religions, science and human aspirations, capable of providing leadership for communal harmony, progress of the community, the country and humanity at large.


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