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The Research Team at TSASRC led by Dr. Mohammed Hazique Nadvi comprises of professors, researchers and professionals from different domains.

Although many times researcher feel alone, research is not performed in a vacuum. You will need a team to assist you in analysing, designing and implementing the process. The team is made of professionals and lay persons who have a shared interest in the topic and can bring to the table an area of expertise. The research team consists of the co-investigators (professionals who have participated in developing the design) as well as people who will be instrumental in ensuring that your project can be completed.

Roles and Responsibilities
Leading the team, whether its individual or four members, requires activities that will help you in the long run. Research team helps in the formation of team atmosphere, and this includes determining individual roles, the long- and short-term goals of the team, clarifying performance rules that also include authorship and ownership of data and data results. Clarifying expectations is very important on the front end.
Team Meetings
Most of the work of the study will be done in team meetings. Remember that the time invested in the meeting is a way to help you complete your study on time and thus is important for the overall project. The function of research team extends to the following when calling meetings.

  • Announce the team meetings well in advance and send reminders.
  • Create an agenda, and if at all possible, send the agenda out prior to the meeting.
  • Announce which individuals are expected to report on an agenda item so that they can come prepared to the meeting.
  • Start on time, and finish on time.
  • Keep minutes of the meeting.

Research Team
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