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Islam is the only religion that guides the right pathe and it has its own system of life.to day the whole world is facing the economical crisis and they have solution and excuse.in this situation islam will show the right pathe,over the last three decades, economics has received moreb attention from muslim scholars and intellectuals than any other discipline, islamic economics has matured as a disciplin and "arrived" it has its own journal (of research in islamic economics) at least too research centers devoted to the subject and is now being taught in economics departments of numerous universities both in the muslim world and in the westmany european cities have one or

more islamic bank.islamic banks are mushrooming in almost every muslim state, from sudan to iran, pakistan, bangaladesh, egypt and malaysia, there are a host of islamic concipts amd values which define the extent and nature of economic activity, there are many positive values such as iqtisad (moderation), adl (justice), ihsan (kindness par excellence), sabr (patience) and istislah (public interest). similarly, there are a number of values which are negative, and thus to be avoided: zulm (tyranny),


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